Enjoy Benefits

Internal benefits materials

The Background
The clue’s in the name. Enjoy Benefits, a Northstar client for some years, provides employee benefit packages for various businesses, ranging from medical screening and gym membership to mobile phones and child care. Sometimes though, employees don’t always realise just how much is available to them – as was the case with car rental giant, Hertz.

What We Did:
Enjoy Benefits asked us to design various materials, including a new brochure, to tell employees about all the things they were entitled to, in an appealing and engaging way. With Hertz’s strict brand guidelines that meant working very closely with our client and theirs, to make sure everyone was happy.

Ii Worked!
Results have been extremely positive, with much greater uptake of the employee benefits within Hertz. In fact, the brochure’s been so well-received that elements of it have been incorporated into the Hertz employee web portal!