We are Northstar

Marketing has changed. The lines that used to differentiate it from other disciplines have blurred. Since 1999, Northstar has specialised in maximising marketing outcomes from brands and improving their ROI by staying ahead of economic, cultural and channel transformation. From brand immersion and rigorous strategy development through to innovative creative articulation, we build value for our clients at every turn. We call it brighter thinking - a cohesive approach to marketing that gets clear results.

How we help you shine

We offer everything you'd expect from a full-service agency, from art work to digital communications. But of course, that's not enough. Our real strength is our strategy, planning and research - because without this even the most stunning campaign will fail. We don't begin with a campaign until we fully understand your brand and its audiences.

That's why each new client relationship begins with an immersion exercise. After that, every project is unique, and the planning process is carefully tailored to your objectives. Businesses work with us because we create campaigns that work to measurable metrics so that it's possible to track success through every stage from start to finish.

Results that dazzle.

Created a market leader

Client: Origin Bi-Folding Doors
Grew from £4m to £20m in just four years.

Turned bricks green

Client: Ibstock Brick
Created a sustainability positioning.

Altered behaviour

Client: Lead Sheet Association
Changed perception of lead in the built environment.

The team

Of course, what really makes any agency shine is its people…and from Account Directors to Artworkers, ours are amongst the brightest in the business.

The Northstar Team