Our most advanced campaign yet!

Anyone who’s ever had an extension built will know that the joy of creating that extra space is often tempered by hassle, frustrating red tape, escalating costs and building mess.

Which is why we were so excited by Ultraframe’s brief for a new and unique home extension system – Extensions Plus. It’s a smart system using various components to offer a complete home extension in one simple package that does away with all the usual problems associated with building work.

Following a four-way pitch, the Northstar team was awarded the task of launching Extensions Plus with a campaign focusing on the system’s technology and what it offers. We’ve positioned it as ‘the most advanced home extension system available’, highlighting the advantages in one simple strapline: Quoted in advance. Approved in advance. Manufactured in advance.

As the system combines existing components, every design can be pre-quoted so there are no cost issues, pre-manufactured at Ultraframe’s factory to cut down installation time and even pre-approved to meet Building Regulations, cutting out red tape. Very clever indeed. And something we’ve promoted heavily in a series of launch ads, consumer brochure and even a launch video, using a mixture of new and existing live action footage combined with existing technical animations.

We wanted to make sure the product came across as technically brilliant, yet extremely simple and straightforward from the customer’s point of view – and the client’s delighted.

It’s obviously working well. Since the turn of the year, Ultraframe has involved Northstar’s creative team in launching two more new products: a range of orangeries and their premium aluminium conservatories collection!

“Ultraframe were very impressed by the thoroughness of our presentation and the way we approached the creative.” Says Emma Russell, who led the pitch. “As the relationship has developed we’ve been able to bring a different perspective to each task, adding real insight to the client’s technical innovations.”