Giving a new name in piling a solid foundation.

Or rather, a not-so-new name.

That’s because Pro Plant Services has actually been around a long time as part of the Abbey Pynford Group, but in 2020 was rebranded as Pynford Piling Services to integrate it more closely.

That meant creating a new website to reflect their quality and credentials and offer a more dynamic online experience – and that’s where we came in.

Certain elements needed to be carried over to the new website – such as any SEO authority and the wide and varied range of testimonials – the latter becoming the main focus. The design revolves around the home page, with much more engaging messages outlining the business’s purpose, ambition and brand personality and imagery and graphics that could easily be updated via the content management system.

To promote the new-look business, we also created a highly-targeted LinkedIn and email campaign which has proved extremely successful – putting Pynford Piling on a solid footing for the future!