Home Sweet Home!

Here are some of the things we’ve been up to in creating our new home.

We moved into The Base in Castlefield back in October (seems ages ago now!), and have put our stamp on the place – and with two floors to go at, we’ve really gone to town!

DON’T keep off the grass…

Our new lawn’s looking lush and inviting – but you won’t be able to picnic on it, as it’s on the wall! We’ve yet to find anyone who can resist the texture of it though…

The centre of our world

Right at the heart of the office is The Hub – simply an Apple Mac constantly playing our latest work, or welcoming visitors to the agency.

The sharp end

This is where titans of industry meet the titans of Northstar! Our new-look boardroom is our serious space, providing a relaxing ambience however high-powered the meeting might be.

High-flying ideas

Venture upstairs in our new offices, and you’ll enter a different, definitely creative world.

Elements of colour… 

A Creative Department should be colourful. But we’ve brought in extra design elements, in the form of the elements – fire, air, land and water – so there’s a different view whichever way you face!

What’s next…?

This is just phase 1 – phase 2 will include a creative thinking/relaxation space, new toilet (and shower) facilities, a new kitchen and more. Watch this space – or pop in for a chat and have a look for yourself!