Making a big difference

The way in which customers access websites is changing, so we’ve put our client at the cutting edge of online marketing, giving customers the contemporary look and intuitive service they’d expect from this high-end house builder.

Research showed us that more than 70% of users access the site via mobile devices. The rise of mobile, including iPads and tablets, means imagery and accessibility are key. The transformed site now offers large, full screen images, compatible with any device, delivering a responsive and content rich experience for the user. Every house style can be viewed both externally and internally, with promotional and pricing details carefully embedded to allow for easy navigation.

Dorbcrest are delighted with the new design. They agree it better communicates their ethos and more closely reflects their commitment to quality.

At The Helm

To maintain the new design, we’ve put Dorbcrest at the controls. Going beyond bringing the website up to the minute, we’ve also equipped them with a solution to manage and update content, so changes in availability and pricing can be amended and communicated immediately.

Finally, search engine optimisation is helping to guarantee an even stronger performance. This, coupled with Google analytics, means our client has a stronger understanding of their customers’ browsing habits. We’re looking forward to taking this further in the second phase of the development with our plans to deliver bespoke content, based on customers’ personal preferences.