No cinema to visit during lockdown? We’ll come to you.

Long standing Northstar client Harkness is the world’s largest manufacturer of cinema screens with approx. two out of every three screens worldwide being a Harkness screen.

With many high budget movie products postponed due to Covid and with cinema theatres across the world closed, the movie going public have been starved of one of their favourite leisure pastimes. So, naturally home movie viewing has been the only option.

But why wait for cinemas to open if you get the big picture experience at home.

Combining Harkness’s’ screen manufacturing expertise with incisive marketing, led to the launch of cinema screens you can enjoy at home.

Branded ‘Your Harkness’ the screens capture all the magic of cinema but in a smaller format.

The Northstar launch comprises branding, new website, approved dealer strategy and room set photography.