Northstar’s New Look

In December, Northstar launched a brand new website in order to better represent the brand and help customers better understand what Northtar do. Having worked with leading industry brands like Superglass, Armitage Shanks and Remington in recent years, Northstar hope to display their work like they never have done before.

“You need to keep current, our old website was way to old and not representative of the work that we do.” Creative Director Ben Gerrard said, “It is a good time to start again and for us to have a fresh start.

“We feel reinvigorated, so we took the branding, the look and feel we had around the office and, essentially, put it into the website. Then the graphics and animations have all been built by us. It is a real showcase of our true ability.”

Designed using WordPress, Northstar’s new website showcases key aspects of the work they do, as well as key branding features for several clients. With Superglass, Armitage Shanks and Cowgills all featuring prominently on the homepage.

“We’ve not been great at blowing our own trumpet, certainly not in the past, been under the radar and people are always amazed when we actually show them what we have done. They always say that they didn’t know we did this or that and I now feel the website is more aligned with the business and how we will be going forward.” Gerrard said.

Launched just prior to the New Year, Northstar is entering it’s 21st year of operation in 2020, the new website is an entirely new look for the Manchester based company. Extremely user friendly, the website can easily be used on mobile phones or tablet, just like all of the websites that Northstar produce for their clients.

“We really wanted to emulate the websites that we have made for clients like Harkness and Cowgills in the last year or so and we all feel this website does that admirably.” Gerrard said, “It has really been a passion project for everyone in the office, with our Digital Manager Max Ashcroft largely heading up the enterprise.”