Advertising Campaign

The Background
Fermacell is the ‘ultimate building board’, offering more versatility and more value than other boards, with no need for specialist combinations to achieve noise, impact or fire resistance. 2015’s strategy was to promote Fermacell’s moisture resistance as the ideal rainscreen backer, and its versatility as perfect for maximising space.

What We Did
Our new campaign moved away from a ‘branding’ style to a hard-hitting look, focusing on specific audiences and pitching Fermacell directly against competitor products. After initial success in contractor press, the ads and emailers rolled out to specifiers and builders merchants with new gritty, impactful photography, all carefully targeted and tracked to produce measurable results.

It Worked!
The new campaign produced an impressive response – and a delighted client. Click-throughs from emailers averaged 300, each spending around two minutes on the website. And an electronic bulletin to specifiers on named projects produced 20 responses of the very highest quality.

We picked Northstar for their extensive experience in the building products category and reputation to deliver results. The campaign has been well received and very effective, leading to renewed interest in many target customer groups and specific product applications. In addition to producing good quality work, Northstar are a pleasure to work with, straightforward, flexible and don’t let you down.

Gary Carter, General Manager