Nevill Long


The Background
What’s in a name? For interior systems specialist Nevill Long, quite a lot. As part of the Encon Group, it and sister company Encon Interior Systems both supplied similar products, leading to some confusion. Extensive research showed Nevill Long’s strengths in service and support, so the answer was to merge the two under that one name.

What We Did
While customers liked Nevill Long, the brand was seen as old-fashioned. Northstar created a fresh, modern look and successfully relaunched it internally with packs featuring friendly NL people and externally with materials including DM, e-shots and more. Now we’re running a national ad campaign too.

It Worked!
After the re-launch, Nevill Long reported their best trading month ever. And post-launch research suggests that staff are more engaged and proud to be part of the revitalised, modern company.