PH Property Holdings

New Websites

The Background
Even the most magnificent mansion won’t sell itself. Our client PH Property Holdings knows all about that – after all, they’ve built a range of super-mansions across Cheshire and the island of Mallorca, some with price tags exceeding £20million. So to showcase their latest developments to an international market, they needed a suitably inspiring website.

What We Did
Combined with a slick publishing and print campaign, Northstar’s digital arm Nest created an impressive online presence for PH, with sophisticated and beautifully-designed websites displaying their latest properties at their very best.

It Worked!
Sales of the stunning Cheshire homes and spectacular Mediterranean villas are thriving, helping our distinguished client meet its ambitious targets.

The standard of service we receive from Dave and his team at Northstar is hard to overstate, it’s like having our own in house design team, such is their level of commitment. We are a difficult client with exacting standards and are not easily impressed. Northstar work tirelessly and professionally to interpret our vision and produce imaginative, innovate and cost effective advertising campaigns of the highest quality which deliver fantastic results time after time.

Danny Gale, Sales Director