Advertising and online campaign

The Background
It’s easy to see the attraction of building materials from German company Rodeca. Their transparent roofs and facades allow light to be used to great effect, in even the most functional of buildings. But they needed a way of getting that message across to architects and specifiers, to encourage them to use Rodeca materials creatively.

What We Did
Taking the theme of ‘the light fantastic’, Northstar focused on the benefits of the product to create a modern, very bright and very different approach. This includes not only offline and online advertising executions, but also creatively using online media with site takeovers and wallpapers.

It Worked!
The campaign certainly helped Rodeca stand out from the crowd – and has since been extended to producing a matching suite of case studies (complete with folder) to show their capabilities in roofing, canopies, walkways and cladding. Highly ‘illuminating’, you might say…