Winning in the property game takes the right experience.

With Northstar... it’s built in.

We’ve a long history of working with housebuilders.
As you’ll see, we’ve been involved in everything from naming developments
to producing signage to creating ad campaigns.

And we’ve helped them become very successful.
But we also know your market is changing. As is the way to sell properties.
Which is where we can give you a big advantage.

It’s no longer enough to just run ads week in, week out.
These days people spend more time on their mobiles, browsing online
and catching up through social media than reading local papers.

So we use the latest analytical tools to understand and engage with your customers
to convert them into buyers. Which, in turn, means your marketing
is more targeted and more effective to make more of your budget.

A smarter way of thinking?
Experience tells us so.
And you’ll see why when you realise the effect it has on your sales.


Just some of our property clients and experience