So far, Sto good.

Last year, our campaign for StoVentec Glass that helped architects see glass in a different way – and which, having aimed to get 100 leads, ended up garnering over 450!

Such was its success that Sto came back to us in asking us to ‘reboot’ the campaign, showcasing some new blast data that made this glass rainscreen the perfect combination of aesthetics and strength – and perfect for architects to use in both high-rise projects and areas such as arenas, airports and train stations where protecting the public is paramount.

Our solution? ‘More than just a pretty façade’ was the campaign theme, which was developed into press ads, a revamped website, a new video, digital ads and social media. And as we went to press, the response has been good too – with new website users up by 938% and sessions up by over 1,000% during the campaign period.