Testing, testing…

We’re used to working with clients in construction and other heavy industries, but Lucideon takes us a step further – literally. They’re one of the UK’s biggest names in testing and assurance, putting materials and products for a variety of industries through their paces, to make sure they meet every regulation and standard, and predict how they’ll behave in use.

Clever stuff. But they needed to reposition themselves as more than just a testing facility. Their strength lies in the brain power of their people, and the way they can interpret the data they gather.

So we’ve overhauled their corporate style, segmenting their services into different business sectors and creating a new look based around their team and the way they think.

Using real staff members and a unique ‘mind map’ illustration, so far we’ve produced a series of ads, a new-look website and a new testing brochure, all with a distinctive look and friendlier, less technical tone that really sets them apart.

It’s another test Northstar’s passed with flying colours, the result being one delighted client.