Giving VP video presence

Since 1954, Vp has been hiring equipment working across a wide range of industries, the company is now one of the UK’s largest and has grown into a group of specialist divisions – ranging from railway maintenance to portable roadways, and tool hire to oilfield services.

Triggered by their 60th anniversary, Vp decided they needed a series of videos showcasing each division – but they also wanted to create a corporate video highlight the group activities as a whole.

So to make best use of time and budget, Northstar came up with an ingenious solution: by starting and ending each separate video with an image on an iPad, they could be butted together in any order to create the group version. We also shot an introduction from the Chairman which ended with him referring to an iPad, to lead into any of the other footage.

We have to say the whole team at Vp were incredibly enthusiastic and kept our crew well fed and watered (even at the crack of dawn!), and it shows in the results. See it for yourself on the client’s website at