A new website built on solid foundations

Pro Plant Services is a specialist in piling, from machinery purchase and hire to servicing and accessories. It’s long been part of Abbey Pynford, and in 2020 was rebranded as Pynford Piling Services (PPS) to integrate it further within the Group. In addition to new branding, the company needed a new website to reflect the quality and credentials of the business and offer a more dynamic online experience.

A reflection of reputation

There were certain requirements for the new website right from the outset. Aside
from supporting marketing activity and acting as a repository for information such as
brochures and datasheets, it needed to transfer any SEO authority from the old site,
as well as reflecting the company’s long-standing reputation for quality and service.

Digging deep

PPS has a wide and varied range of
testimonials from satisfied customers,
so the aim was to focus on these and
use them heavily as the foundation
of the new site.

The right messages

The site’s design would revolve around the home page, which
became much more engaging with messages outlining the
business’s purpose, ambition and brand personality.