Expanding Britain’s biggest bathroom brand

Think of a bathroom brand and you think of Armitage Shanks. They’re by far the most recognisable sanitary ware brand in Britain – and also a long standing Northstar client. In the last few months, we’ve been working on two key projects for them, designed to expand their brand’s reach and strengthen its position within the plumbing sector.

Tapping into smaller projects

Research had shown that while Armitage Shanks was known and trusted, it was largely associated with bigger commercial washrooms. So to counter that and make in-roads into a new market, we were asked to produce a promotional campaign focused on higher volume smaller projects.

Tempting trial

The promotion mechanic was simple – a £100 voucher for Sainsbury’s Waitrose, Amazon or Beer Hawk, just for choosing Armitage Shanks for any size project – and to get the message out to the relevant audience, we chose e-shots and flyers.

Trustworthy tone

As such, the new brochure had to introduce a new tone of voice to the copy and a fresh new look, altogether friendlier, more helpful and more.