Tapping into a surge in demand

Post-pandemic, there’s been more emphasis that ever on improving hygiene in public washrooms. Touchless taps, operated by sensor, are playing a key role in that; and in the Sensorflow E, Armitage Shanks have one of the best on the market.

You can’t touch a Sensorflow tap

By reducing contact to limit the spread of bacteria and featuring a host of advanced features, the Sensorflow E leads the way in hygiene. But it also appeals to installers with its integrated battery and solenoid, so it can be fitted even without an electrical supply, and EasyFix technology cutting installation time buy up to 30%.

A promotion plumbers wanted to get their hands on

In a highly competitive market, the client was keen to make Sensorflow the first choice for installers. So to encourage them, they decided to offer an Amazon voucher with every purchase, and Northstar created a whole suite of materials for the promotion centred on the concept of ‘You can’t touch this’.

Merchant merchandising

The key to reaching the installer audience was local plumber’s merchants. As well as posters and leaflets featuring the core concept, we produced videos and posts they could use on their various social channels to get the message out there, and packaged everything – including the Amazon vouchers and a covering letter – in a smart box to elevate the launch of the campaign.