Producing super videos for the super accountants

Cowgills, one of the region’s leading accountancy firms, is a long-standing Northstar client, and our ‘Super Accountants’ concept has already proved very successful for them. As part of the next stage of development, we came up with a different way to highlight some of the fascinating business clients they work with – a series of video podcasts.

Now we’re talking…to local business leaders

Cowgills works with a wide range of clients, large and small, and they include a few well-known faces. The idea was to produce a series of half-hour videos talking to some of them about their background, their principles, their business beliefs…and how, like Cowgills, they’re doing things a little differently.

An ongoing series

Posted on Cowgills’ YouTube channel – and already proving to be a valuable social media asset – the videos have all been shot and edited by Northstar’s sister company Boxworks. So far the subjects have been sports personalities, but the aim is to broaden out the series to provide a wide variety of stories – and highlight even more local heroes!