Guiding Encon into a new era

Encon is one of the UK’s biggest distributors of insulation, interiors systems, passive fire protection and now, construction products. As a result, it has a huge range of products available to specifiers, contractors and installers, who need to be able to view the range and select what they need quickly and easily.

The long list

Previously, like so many suppliers in the construction industry, Encon would have produced a printed catalogue to show off its range, with all the technical details needed to be sure of choosing the right product. With the range having expanded so much in recent years though, print became less practical – so we called on the latest technology.

Quick linking

The guide itself was divided into definitive sections, and within those each product range was broken down to make navigation simple, and make finding exactly what you want really fast. So not only did the new guide save shelf space, it also put the entire range at your fingertips to save time.

Something to shout about

Once the new guide was up and running, Encon wanted to get it into people’s hands (or rather into their phones) as quickly as possible. So Northstar created a distinctive, bold launch campaign across e-shots, digital media and more which simply summed up the guide in a nutshell.