Helping to halt food waste in hosptality

The International Food Waste Coalition (IFWC) is an ambitious not-for-profit organisation aiming to reduce food waste across the hospitality and food service sectors. Their aim is to represent over 50% of those businesses across Europe by 2025…but to fuel their expansion they needed a new website that clearly communicates their message and positions their brand. And they chose Northstar to produce it.

A prestigious project

With the aim of establishing the organisation as an international force, the website needed an engaging approach that was easy to navigate and clearly got the key messages across to its audience with just the right amount of emotional appeal.

Tracking success

Another important factor – and one that Northstar regularly provides to its website clients – is the monthly analytics report covering site traffic and visitor activity, allowing both agency and client to see just how successful the site is proving to be.

12% increase in subscriptions week on week

38% increase in site visit length within the first 2 weeks

The new IFWC web site is now live and we are all very pleased with the results and want to thank you all the Northstar team for the excellent work which was delivered on time and on budget.

Stéphane Leroux, Executive Director