A revamp to reflect Mercury’s vision

The financial services sector has an old-fashioned, quite stuffy image. But Mercury are different.

While they’ve been around for a while, a change of management is transforming them to regard financial management as more about the client than just numbers and money, working with people throughout their lives from an earlier age to maximise the benefits for later life. And they asked Northstar to create a new image to match.

Working from workshops

At the heart of Mercury’s business is its team of financial experts. So in creating a new look, ethos and tone of voice for the business, we held a series of brand workshops to get to know them, their thoughts about how Mercury is currently seen and how it should develop into the future.

Evolution, not revolution

From the workshops, it became apparent that the business should appeal to a younger audience while retaining the trust and friendliness it’s well-known for. So rather than wholesale change, the refresh has evolved the existing, traditional logo into a more contemporary design alongside a colour palette that can be used to literally create a splash in their market.

We, too, are in it for the long run

While this is a crucial time for Mercury, it’s just the first stage in developing the business. Over the coming months and years, we’ll be helping them create new materials and upgrading their web and social presence to bring everything in line with the new look and appeal to their younger target market. We can’t wait!