Preserving prized vehicles

Moisture is the biggest problem for owners of classic, performance and luxury cars. It not only causes rust, but also deterioration in leather, wood, rubber and electrical systems. The answer is to control the relative humidity around a car, and keep it at the optimum level – which is where our client’s dehumidification systems come in.

A passion for protection

Dehum have been specialists in industrial dehumidification for years, and their Protect system has been developed specifically to keep vehicles in perfect condition. It’s already been installed in everything from domestic garages to commercial premises, including several private collections; but now they wanted to seriously promote the system to a wider audience of car enthusiasts, collectors and investors. So Northstar fired up the Quattro and got to work.

Creating the right environment for classic car owners

The first task was to launch their new website, giving it the right appeal to serious car owners and featuring some of the world’s rarest and most desirable cars.

It makes a strong case for the Protect system against other forms of vehicle protection, with comprehensive details for the more technically-minded, together with a host of new case studies – including noted F1 designer Gordon Murray’s collection.