SkinViva is one of Manchester's leading cosmetic treatment clinics. They've always stood out in a crowded market by focusing on feeling good rather than looking young...

...but their brand look and feel was very similar to a lot of competitors. It needed a lift to make it as fresh and exciting as they made clients feel!

A whole new look.

Northstar created a new logo and colour palette for SkinViva, bold, confident and full of life - very much like the feeling you get after visiting!

Love your look

One line they were happy to have alongside the logo, the new strapline Love your look reflects their vitality and ethos.

A fresh
SkinViva tone

SkinViva's doctors are among the best in the business, so the brand's tone of voice had to be vibrant, but thoroughly professional.

their image

As part of the new look, Northstar commissioned a suite of fresh, energetic photography to reflect the vivacious feel.

"Northstar are approachable, friendly, and easy to talk to when you need creative thinking. Our full re-brand couldn't have gone better - we'd highly recommend their professional team who offer great value for money"

Lee Cottrill, Business Development Director, SkinViva