Making merchandise easier to manage

Like many global organisations, TN International and Superglass have branded merchandise available for stockists, promotional events or corporate gifts. Having rapidly expanded internationally though, their existing system couldn’t keep up with demand – answering requests from all over the world on a reactive basis with poor lead times, ad hoc stock buying, patchy item quality, duplicate orders and little tracking of costs. So they asked Northstar to create a full, end-to-end solution.

Secure storage

The first step was to create a central, secure storage area for all goods, from where they could be called off at any time, with an SLA agreement in place for rapid dispatch.

The Perfect portal

Then we created the ‘shop front’ – a dual branded online store with secure log in, where anyone in the company could see what stock was available at any time, with items dispatched
to the designated address within five working days.

More merchandise

The range of items available was also expanded to include literature and both ‘standard’ and ‘director’ level gifts, with prices added to each item to help people order more responsibly.