Introducing the science of building optimisation

TechnoNICOL is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of construction materials, with over 3000 products and 56 production sites across the world (it’s also the parent company of fellow Northstar client Superglass). The TechnoNICOL name also appears on several product ranges though, and so as the company expanded beyond its eastern European origins the brand needed to evolve.

Going for global presence

Creating a new brand that both related to the existing company but could be universally understood across multiple markets and languages, TN International was born. The logo itself was developed by Northstar, alongside a complete identity, brand book and launch video.

Innovative, integrated, intelligent

The TNi brand launch video highlighted not only the scale of the new brand, but also what it represents before introducing the new design itself.

Design in detail

The brand book went a step further, adding more background to the thinking behind the design and outlining how to use it consistently in detail.